A Rainy Monday

1 Nov

Good morning! I just had a hearty breakfast with the husbo and have just sent him off to work.  I really love being a wife, doing these simple things for my husband really fulfills me.  Of course the hugs and kisses in return doesn’t hurt.  I just wish I could do this every single day. If only I didn’t work nights. Sigh.

It’s rainy outside so I had him bundle up.  The weather is just so nice (albeit getting wet) these days.  You can just feel the chilly air even when it’s sunny outside.  Just goes to show that Christmas is really around the corner.  The lovely weather, the Christmas carols and decorations all around, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year! I’m even playing some Christmas songs while blogging. LOL!

This is my first post here at wordpress, by the way.  I’ve been using a different platform for the longest time and I just thought I’d give this a try.  Everything’s doing good so far but there are still a few things I need to learn. Of course my wifey duties come first. I will be back later, I just need to prepare our things for our trip next week.


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