Breakfast with the Husbo

3 Nov

I had a pretty busy shift last night.  So busy in fact, that I forgot to take my lunch break.  I went home famished, poor me.  But I choose to see things positively so the no-lunch shift was good because, one, I saved money and two, because it was another opportunity to have breakfast with the husbo.  So I left the office on time.  There were still pending tasks but the husbo comes first before work.  I can always finish those tasks later.  Anyway, breakfast for the husbo today would be Spanish sardines, a pack of skyflakes crackers, one banana and a glass of orange juice.  I didn’t have enough time to cook anymore. Sad.

Ever since last week I’ve been really thinking about that dream to be a full time wife to the husbo.  I couldn’t shake it off my head and I wish we could see it happening soon.  I’ve been dragging myself to work as it is. 😦 Sigh.  I need to sleep now, my eyelids are closing on their own. I’ll just post again later.


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