I Love You Boo!

5 Nov


This cutie never fails to brighten my day!

I’ve always been a dog lover.  I guess I got that from my dad.  I can’t remember a time when our house was without a dog. No offense to cat lovers out there.  I don’t hate cats, I am just partial to dogs.

I am in love with the Shih-Tzu breed. I have 3 of ’em! But lately, a certain breed has captured my heart.  Meet Boo.  Boo is a dog, yes, a real dog! He’s of the pomeranian breed and this cutie never fails to brighten my day!  No, he isn’t mine, though I sure wish he was!

I found Boo over at Facebook and it was love at first sight!  The husbo is getting jealous already because Boo has taken over my laptop and my phone. LOL!  Check out his videos on FB, he will put a smile on your face!  Kudos to Boo’s human, great job in raising him!

It was a typical wifey day although I almost didn’t make it home in time for the husbo’s breakfast. I got stuck on a long  conference call at work.  Good thing cabs were in abundance when I left the building else the husbo would’ve gone to work without breakfast.  😦

His breakfast was some leftover adobo from last night’s dinner.  Since I was time pressed, reheating seemed to be the only way.  We got to have a short discussion though about living simply – about wants versus needs.  It allowed me to think through about a recent planned purchase.  One thing I love about the husbo – his simplicity.

Oh and hey! It’s a Friday! TGIF!  What are your plans for today?


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