A Trip and a Birthday

17 Nov

We took another trip to the North last week.  This time we were there for Tito Andring.  It’s sad to think of going back there twice in less than 3 months for funerals but albeit the gloomy reason, it was nice seeing family again, especially our cousins from Hawaii.

We were there for one week. One week of bonding with the family, helping out with Tito and going to the plaza every afternoon for Empanada (you can just imagine the weight I gained while we were there).  One week of catching up with dear cousins and spending time with the husbo.  One week of simple living.  I had a really great time.

Saturday was the husbo’s birthday.  We arrived from our trip Saturday morning and while the husbo ran his usual UP route, we went to the grocery to buy the ingredients we need for his birthday lunch surprise.  It was nothing fancy, just a simple lunch prepared by the entire family.  The husbo was touched and happy.  We may not have given him an expensive gift but the happy memory of his birthday will stay with him forever.

I’ll end this post with some pictures.  🙂


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