A Chinese and Thai Day

20 Nov

Since the husbo was running his first 15k at Unilab’s Run United 2, we thought it would be nice to get a massage the day before the event.  So we woke up early and had lunch at Lam Tin, a chinese resto on Banawe Street.  To say we had a feast was an understatement!  We ordered dish after dish and dimsum after dimsum.  What can I say, the husbo was doing his carbo loading before his run.

Great and Affordable Chinese Food!

The dishes at Lam Tin are very tasty with just a nice touch of oiliness.  The service was quick and prices are affordable!  I noticed the place was gaining popularity as it filled as early as 10AM.   I would recommend you order the Taro Puff! They’re the best! Next time we eat there, and I promise we will go back, I’ll take some pictures. Sorry, we were just that hungry we didn’t get to take pictures anymore.

So after the yummy lunch, we took a cab to D. Tuazon Street.  We were planning to have our massage at Bali Palace but they were still closed.  It was scorching hot outside and the Bali Palace staff weren’t nice enough to let us wait inside until they opened (we arrived past 1PM and they open at 2PM).  The husbo was frustrated, so we decided to look at nearby establishments and that’s when we saw Nuat Thai.

Nuat Thai on D. Tuazon St. Borrowed this pic from their facebook page.

We were apprehensive at first but decided to try it out.  We entered the small reception area where we were greeted by the relaxing smell of mint and smiles from the staff.  The area was small and could use a bit more interior design so I was still a bit nervous, but we went ahead and tried the 1 hour whole body Thai massage with oil.  We were ushered to the next room (where they do the foot massage0 and washed our feet.  The chairs were very relaxing, the lighting perfect but every time someone entered from the reception area, you could hear the traffic from outside.

After the feet wash, we were led upstairs to their body massage area.  The smell of mint was constant in each and every area of Nuat Thai which really relaxes you even before your massage.  Each massage area had heavy curtains separating each room.  Clocks are placed strategically so you can easily see what time your massage starts and ends.  The music being played was also relaxing so it adds to the Zen feel of the room.  The husbo and I changed into the given clothes and lied down to start relaxing.  I was off to la-la land 5 minutes into the massage.  It was so good and the therapist assigned to me was really courteous and nice!  I woke up half way though because one of the therapists was chatting freely and loudly with her customer.  When my therapist saw my eyes open, she quickly shushed them. LOL!  After the massage, we were offered some tea and before we left, we were asked if we were satisfied with the services given.  That for me was really good customer service!

I am glad we tried Nuat Thai!  This experience taught me not to judge a massage service by the lack of ambience.  The D. Tuazon branch could use additional interiors for added ambience but the service and the staff were great!

We are planning to visit their Libis branch soon.  Nuat Thai has several branches across the Philippines. You can see a list of their branches on their website.



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