A Guide on DFA Passport Application

24 Nov

After more than 20 years, I finally renewed my passport! LOL!  My old passport was released way back in 1989! OMG!  Well, we never really travel much so I didn’t see the need to renew my passport,  but I figured, heck, I need to have one, travel or no travel!

I was able to schedule my DFA appointment a month before.  It’s as simple as going to their website and keying in some important details and choosing the date and time of your appointment.  After this, they will send you an email confirmation along with your application form which you have to print and bring to the DFA office on your scheduled date.  What I liked the most was that there were constant reminders about the requirements.  Make sure you have a photocopy of all your requirements.  If in case you forget, there’s a photocopying shop inside the DFA compound but it’s expensive! About P3.00 per page.

Here’s a guide on the process:

1. Proceed to DFA Aseana on Macapagal Avenue 30 minutes before your schedule.  Present your application form to the guard on duty.  They will not permit you to enter the compound without an application form.  Once you’re inside, have your application form scanned and then proceed inside the building for processing.  This is step one and is pretty fast considering the long line.

2. After the DFA personnel checks your requirements, proceed to the third floor for payment (Step 2).  The passport fee for regular processing is P950 (20 working days) and it’s P1200 for rush processing (10 working days).  After paying, you proceed to Step 3 for encoding and photo capture.  You will be given a queue number for the Photo capture services.  The service counter number along with your queue number will flash on a TV screen.

3. While waiting for your turn at the photo capture services, you may want to consider having your passport deivered to your doorstep for an additional fee of P120. Personally, I want to have mine delivered because I live far from Macapagal Avenue.  They use LBC for their courier services.  There’s a representative from the courier service going around the floor.  Get your courier receipt and while still waiting for your assigned number to flash on the screen, proceed to the courier services counter to encode your address.  You will be asked for two (2) representatives who can receive your passport in case you’re not at home upon delivery.  If this happens, make sure you leave an authorization letter at home and an ID (yours and your authorized representative).

3. Once your assigned number flashes on the screen, proceed to the photo capture booth.  You will be asked to verify the data they will encode for your passport.  Make sure these are all correct as changing your data will require you to pay an additional amount (sorry I forgot how much).  They will then take your picture.  Ensure that you wear a collared shirt or top and you remove your earrings.  Photo capture is the last step in the process.

We were there for less than an hour with more than a hundred people before us.  As far as government offices go, the DFA has the most efficient process I’ve seen and experienced.  Things I noticed:

1. All service counters were open even early in the morning which is rare in a government office.  This made the lines move faster.  Side story: I remembered going to another government office last year. Arrived there 20 minutes before they opened and the line was long already.  At 8AM, not all the service counters were open and those that were open had employees inside the booths doing their make up while chatting with each other.  Merde!

2. DFA personnel with 2 way radios were stationed at key points on the floor, advising each other as to which counter is free so each applicant is serviced right away.  The guards were also pro active in making sure the lines were in order.

3. Signs, directions and pertinent information are posted in huge and easily seen places.  Even the processing counters each had posters telling you when your passport will be released.  The posters say something like:

Applications for today, November __, 2010

Regular Processing, release date: December __, 2010

Rush processing, release date: December __, 2010

4. The compound was clean, ventilation was good.

5. No fixers were encountered which was really really great!

Kudos to the DFA team! I know things are not perfect but you’ve already done an awesome job! Keep it up!

To apply for a new passport or renew your old passport, use the DFA Passport Appointment System.  You will also see a list of requirements there.

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