Today We Turn 6.

18 Dec

The husbo and I have been married for 6 years, been together for 13 years.  It has been a wonderful journey and we look forward to more.

The husbo is out in the kitchen, cooking me breakfast (isn’t he the sweetest?) Let me leave you with this note I wrote in Facebook, a few days shy of our 13th year.

I’m here in our room, silenced by the thought of how time can pass by so quickly and yet feel like it was just yesterday.  I woke up early today but I really don’t mind because I woke up to your call telling me you miss me.  Those 3 words, that simple gesture made my day so bright, my face hurts from smiling. It’s funny in a way because just before I went to sleep, my thoughts were about how, in less than a month’s time, we will be together for 13 years now.

13 years.  Wow.  How did time pass so quickly?  I looked back on all those years and my mind and heart were filled with fond memories.  I remember the night you sang to me and told me you loved me.  The times we spent just sleeping on your couch, enveloped in each other’s arms.  Even then, we were such homebodies we never really cared about going out, as long as we were together, we were okay. (or were we that poor we couldn’t afford it? hahaha!).   The times we cried together over our arguments.   So many memories, not all happy ones, but they made us strong.

We’re not perfect but we complement each other.  We don’t see eye to eye often but we compromise.  We sometimes get lost in the hussle and bussle of life but we always find ourselves looking in each other’s eyes at the end of the day.  There are days when we are silent, no words are said, but our hearts do the talking.  We’re not perfect people, but we are perfect for each other.

You are my best friend.  The one I go to when I feel lost and down.  Whenever you see me crying, you can always stop my tears by your embrace and the words: “wag ka na umiyak, nadudurog puso ko pag nakikita kitang umiiyak.”  When something great happens in my life, you are the first person I think of telling.  You laugh with me and get excited for me.  I may get lost and wander around from time to time, but you will always be the one I come home to – always welcoming me with open arms.

I could write so much more but it would take a lot of space here.  You already know how much you mean to me, how much I love you.  I just wanted to shout it to the world! 🙂

I can never imagine spending my life with anyone else but you.  Here’s to more years of love! I love you!

Joyeux anniversaire Husbo! Je t’aime!






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