Room Renovation on It’s Way!

21 Dec

Whew!  We just arrived home from the Dapitan Arcade where we bought some home stuff…well, more like room actually.  Today we bought several oil lamp burners for the room, plus a box for my accessories.  You see, our room right now is very bare and needs a bit of cheering so the husbo and I are planning on some room renovations for the entire 2011.  That’s our goal.

We need more stuff for the room and my mind is just bursting with ideas.  I want a rounded table to showcase our pictures topped with a flocking overlay 60×60 which would really look elegant!

I’m also thinking of changing our bed frame to match the overall theme of the room.  On top of the headboard I want a poppy painting with pastel that would add a splash of color. And on a corner of the room, some over armchair tables would be nice.

Oooh! I am giddy with excitement! I can’t wait to see the finished product. Don’t worry though, you know I’ll post some pictures here. 😉  I will rest for a bit. My feet are killing me from all that shopping we did!

I’ll be back soon to post about our anniversary celebration.


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