The Simple Things Just Are – A Celebration of Our 6th

27 Dec

“The simplest things are often the truest.” – Richard Bach

If you ask about our relationship, our marriage and ourselves as a whole, I would probably describe them in one word: “simple.”  The husbo and I, we are not comfortable with all the grandeur, the excess and the complicated things in life.  We have always been happy with what’s simple.  Thus it’s no surprise that we celebrated our 6th with a simple date.

We started with brunch, gorging on our favorite Ilocos Empanada at Empanada Nation.  We took one jeepney ride and walked the rest of the way while chatting and laughing our hearts out.  Even while eating, we couldn’t stop talking, planning our day and just having fun.  We had so much to catch up on each other!

We headed to TriNoMa after brunch and watched Tron in 3D.  It was epic!  Made me want to have the motorcycles they used and go really really fast!   All the 3D effects made our head hurt though LOL!

Fully Booked was our next stop. I shopped to my heart’s content while the husbo patiently waited for me on a couch outside the store.  He knew I was going to take long and he knew me well! I spent hours browsing through the book shelves and by the time I was done, my arms were full with 4 books to read during the holidays.

Nuat Thai at Tomas Morato was our last stop. A 1 hour whole body Thai massage seemed like a perfect cap for a perfect day and we were right! It was so relaxing after all that eating and malling.

That was it, that was how we celebrated our 6th year of being husbo and wifey.  Our date was simple but it was memorable for us. No fancy dinners, no fancy gifts – just the gift of togetherness.  It isn’t much for some but for us, being together, talking, laughing and just being ourselves are worth more than any expensive five course meal. Cheesy, but so true.

We’re often told that we are sweet and people are often surprised when they find out we’ve been together for 13 years now (married for 6).  They ask what our secret is.  Well, there is no secret really.  We aren’t perfect – our marriage is far from being perfect. We go through what everyone else goes through. I guess, we just simply go through it together. 🙂

It is our hope and prayer that our happiness be yours as well.  Let us leave you with a video of one of our favorite songs, “Simple Things” by Jim Brickman and Rebecca Lynn Howard.


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