The PLDT TelPad: Landline, DSL and Android Tablet in One

2 Jan

The first time I saw a touch screen landline phone was when watching an episode from Gossip Girl.  The phone used in the Bass penthouse.  I thought, it would really be nice if one was made available here.  Now, we have the PLDT Telpad!

The PLDT Telpad is powered by Android 2.2 OS.  It’s a landline, DSL and an android table in one!  This Froyo tablet powered by a 1Ghz cortex A8 means you can download different apps and play.  A 2GB internal storage is included plus an SD card slot and USB port to extend your memory in case you need to.

You can make and receive calls via the handset OR the tablet as the tablet can be removed from the main unit. Isn’t that cool?   Surfing is also possible via the handset – all your internet needs in a touch! And it doesn’t stop at that, multimedia – videos, images, games and music is also possible via the PLDT TELPAD, which, by the way, can be attached to your TV for a High Definition experience!

Wow! This is really something! Add the 2-megapixel front camera for still images and videconferencing call and you have a powerful communication tool in your hands!  The husbo and I are seriously considering getting one but we haven’t heard any feedback yet.



If you have a current PLDT plan, you may just upgrade by adding as low as P500/month.  New plans start at Plan 1849 which includes the P600 landline Monthly Service Fee.


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