Weekly Roundup – The First Week of 2011

9 Jan

Hello? Anyone here?  It’s me, the wifey, checking in.

The first week of the year has gotten me busy with several projects both at home and at work.  While it’s not the crazy-no sleep type of projects, it has me quite on my toes.

Let’s start the week’s roundup, shall we?

Blogging Al Fresco

  1. Temporarily moved to do my work outside (terrace).  For some reason this laptop could not get any WiFi signal inside our room.  So I am blogging Al Fresco!
  2. First day back at work after the long Christmas holiday.  Word of the day is lethargic. Everyone still seem hesitant to come back to work (but we have to start sometime, right?).
  3. First day working at a different location.  I grabbed the opportunity of transferring when asked.  I felt I needed a change of environment without moving companies.
  4. The birth of several ideas that came to mind while I was home.  Ideas to earn a bit more on the side.  I figured I might as well start now if I hoped to fulfill that plan of being a work at home wifey.
  5. Our church’s annual prayer and fasting started this week.
  6. Weekly run with the husbo.

The rest of the time that I was not sleeping was spent on the internet diligently doing some research for the ideas mentioned above.  I am hoping I could give life to them very soon! I’ll keep you posted.

How about you? How was the first week of 2011 for you?


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