True Friends Stick by You Like Family

15 Jan

I am writing this down on a piece of paper while the husbo is sleeping.  I am trying to lessen my online time during weekends so I can spend some quality time with the husbo.  I may probably post this on my blog at a later time.

Friends come and friends go, but a true friend sticks by you like family. – Proverbs 18:24 (The Message)

Me and Ate Cecile - Friends for Keeps!

I met with Ate Cecile today.  We haven’t seen each other for years! It was nice seeing her again and like the true friends that we are, the moment we saw each other, we talked and laughed like we just saw each other yesterday!  We reminisced and we updated each other.  We realized we changed in so many ways, but our friendship stays.

Time flew by so quickly! Pretty soon, it was time to say our temporary good bye’s and promised to see each other more often. The long trip to Fairview was so worth it!

I am blessed to have real friends like her and I treasure her greatly.  She has seen me in my best and my worst and she accepts and loves me for who I am. May God continue to bless our friendship,  whether we are near or far from each other.


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