Run Baby, Run!

16 Jan

Okay, it’s late Sunday and I am still writing this on a piece of paper. Still no internet time for me .  The husbo went out for a bit to buy snacks so I have a few minutes to jot things down. 🙂

I am ecstatic today.  I was able to finish one of my running goals for the year – continuously run the entire length of the UP Academic Oval – that’s about 2.24km – give or take.  That’s half a 5k already!!!It wasn’t easy I tell you.  It took me days of preparing my mind for this.  Having asthma usually prevents me from finishing a long run.  I was gasping for air even before the 1km mark, not to mention the debilitating headaches I get after doing strenuous activities.  But I wanted to prove to myself that these could not get in the way of doing what I loved – running.  Praise God and thanks to the husbo who ran pace with me and encouraged me, I finished! Woohoo!  Now off to my next goal – run 5km!

Here are my stats by Runkeeper:

My Runkeeper Stats! Finished 2.24km in 00:20:43

The husbo suggested I run the same route for the next 3 weeks and improve my time and pace, then after 3 weeks I can slowly increase my distance.


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