Keeping Up in High Heels

22 Jan

I just got home from BGC and I am physically tired.  I got tired from all the walking and the commute.  But it was all worth it, “Keeping Up in High Heels” by LIFEbiz was awesome!

There were 3 guest speakers.  The first to speak was Donita Rose She is still the freshest face in local showbiz industry and she is beautiful!  What’s more beautiful is her testimony of how God turned her life around!

Marily Orosa went up the stage next and I was really touched at how this woman has trusted God and remained in His strength in spite of the seasons she went through.  Being a career woman, she knew that God will always have to stay number one in her life.

Rachel Ong, a management consultant from Singapore was the last to speak but certainly not the least!  She was funny and inspiring at the same time that I really enjoyed her talk.  Here are some of the things I learned from Rachel’s talk:

1. “A big part of the Christian life is waiting on God.” – I agree with Rachel.  Reading the Bible also shows me that even Noah and Abraham waited on God.  It is truly important that we have the patience to wait on God.  We need to trust Him and know that He will give us His best.  We can’t settle for second best – we need to wait for God’s best!

2. “Maximize what you give.  Money is a good slave but a terrible master!

3. “Read the Bible according to heaven’s logic.

4.Mothers, love your children when they’re doing well and love them even more when they’re not.

The event was closed in prayer and it was a night to remember! I am attending more of LIFEbiz’s seminars!


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