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Ilocos Empanda Invades Quezon City

5 Dec

Having recently been from the North and acquiring a taste of the famous Ilocos Empanada,  it is no wonder that a couple of weeks of being back here in Manila, our tastebuds were searching for that yummy treat.  Our search led us to Empanada Nation on Scout Tuazon Street.  Continue reading


A Chinese and Thai Day

20 Nov

Since the husbo was running his first 15k at Unilab’s Run United 2, we thought it would be nice to get a massage the day before the event.  So we woke up early and had lunch at Lam Tin, a chinese resto on Banawe Street.  To say we had a feast was an understatement!  We ordered dish after dish and dimsum after dimsum.  What can I say, the husbo was doing his carbo loading before his run. Continue reading