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Love Life

31 Jan

Join us at a Victory Center near you!

We are ushering the love month in with a special treat for you!  Learn the kind of love that fulfills and satisfies!  Join us as we talk and learn about the most talked about topic in the world: “Love

This February, Victory brings you a new series entitled:  “Love Life.”  This series will help you gain the right perspective on love, sex, and marriage founded on God’s Word, and develop godly convictions that would result in a life that pleases God.

The topics are:

  • Week One: Love
  • Week Two: Marriage
  • Week Three: Sex

Join us at a Victory Center near you!  You may check out the Victory location maps here.  See you at our services and God bless you!


Keeping Up in High Heels

22 Jan

I just got home from BGC and I am physically tired.  I got tired from all the walking and the commute.  But it was all worth it, “Keeping Up in High Heels” by LIFEbiz was awesome!

There were 3 guest speakers.  The first to speak was Donita RoseContinue reading

I Am A Work in Progress

10 Jan

This week is our church’s annual prayer and fasting.  I’ve been a Christian for a long time but this is my first time to join this church-wide event.

I admit I entered the fast with a proud heart.  I was blind. I thought I could do it alone.  I was like: “yeah, I could do this!  I will be disciplined and committed to this fast!”  I was also thinking of the material blessings I would receive after the fast.

By half of the first day, I gave in to my hunger.  I told myself, I’d do a partial fast because I have to go to work.  So I ate that first meal.  I was feeling so guilty already but by the end of the second day, I could not do it anymore.  I gave up.

EPIC FAIL! Continue reading

How to Stay Focused on a Task or Activity

9 Jan

“Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun’s rays do not burn until brought to a focus.”

Alexander Graham Bell


Photo Credit: ihtatho's Photostream on Flickr

You need to write that article today but there’s a really good show on the tube you’ve been dying to watch.  You tell yourself you’ll do the article after the show.

The show’s over and you’re in front of your computer about to start but your instant messenger window pops up – a friend asking you how you are.  You reply and you get into a comfortable conversation.  After a couple of minutes, you tell your friend you have to go because you need something done.

So you go back to your document and start typing but you see a notification of a new mail. You decide to check it out and see that a long time relative has posted something on your Facebook wall and a colleague posted a tweet of some juicy office gossip.  By the time you’re done sending a comment on Facebook and Twitter, it’s lunch time and your stomach is grumbling, demanding to be fed.

Sounds familiar?  Don’t feel bad, you are not alone.  Countless of people (including the wifey 🙂 ) go through this day after day, both at home and at work.  Technology backfires in the form of counter-productivity.  From mobile phones, the television, the mp3 player to the internet.  There are just myriad of ways that keep us from being productive.

Distractions, one after the other, so, how can you stay focused on a task?  Here are a few tips to help you:  Continue reading