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The Wifey is Back! :)

20 Feb

Hello all! How have you been? I’m really sorry I haven’t posted in ages! I got tied up with too much work and then I got sick.

But I am back. Despite the major work I had to do, I was able to book me and the husbo some flights for a much deserved trip in June. The last time we travelled, and I am talking about just the two of us, was way back 2005. Can you imagine that?! But God is faithful! He has given us this gift.

Another gift from God is a new phone which I am using to post this right now. I am using a Blackberry now and I am loving it! I used to want an iPhone but the Blackberry is proving to be a great smartphone!

Oh and by the way, if you don’t see any posts in the next few days, it might be because I will be migrating to ;).

Anyhoo, I hope you guys enjoy the rest of your weekend!

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Of Painful Jaws and Angry Birds

30 Jan

My jaw hurts. 😦  I don’t know much about medical terms but you know that joint connecting skull and jaw? The left side of mine hurts when I open my mouth.  Well it’s really not a sharp pain, more of a dull ache.  But I am having a hard time taking bites or opening my mouth to eat.  I can still talk non stop though – and the husbo is laughing at me.  He said he loves it when I talk – puts him to sleep daw. Toink! hahaha! All the while I thought he loves hearing my golden voice. Oh well, as per the husbo’s cousin (who is a registered nurse), there may be swelling on the joints so he advised me to take mefenamic acid and if the pain persists, to go see a doctor. Yikes! Oh well, no fear, my great Healer is with me. 😉

The husbo and I are still taking advantage of the cool weather so aside from going to Sunday service, we stayed at home.  We watched minimal TV today because our attention was diverted by this:

Yes, angry birds for PC is here! The husbo and I took turns shooting those poor birds up in the air to hit the green pigs.  The birds may be angry, but we’re definitely not!  We had stomach aches from laughing at this game.  We couldn’t leave level 1-12 though so we decided to call it a night and get some rest.

Thank you Father God for another day of bonding and quality time with my husbo! Thank you also that we didn’t have to spend money to have fun! 😉  You are amazing Father!

Enjoying a Chilly Sunday

23 Jan

The husbo and I weren’t able to run today because of the drizzle.  We didn’t want to get sick so we just stayed in our room and slept LOL!  We did attend Sunday service at VCF Pioneer but generally, we stayed home and watched some reruns on the telly.

The weather lately has been cold to the point that the husbo and I turn off the fan inside our room!  People have been wondering why the weather changes abruptly. As much as I want to know, I’d rather enjoy the weather God gives and find ways to keep me warm – in this case, it’s the husbo’s hugs. 😉

Quail Eggs and Siomai

21 Jan

I forgot to write about this funny and touching incident that happened when the husbo and I attended the service last Sunday.

During the sermon, Pastor Robert was telling the story about the Israelites and how, when they were wandering in the desert, God provided them Manna everyday.  And when they got so tired of manna, God provided so many quails.  And Pastor Robert was saying maybe the famous quail eggs that are sold here were discovered there.

After service, the husbo suddenly craved for those quail eggs, LOL! Talk about word of mouth advertising!  So we went and ate some of those quail eggs.  But since I was also craving for siomai, we went and ate some siomai too!

Amidst chewing and savoring the taste of siomai, the husband blurted: “Ang sweet naman ng date natin!” I laughed – not because it was so funny but because I was happy hearing him say that.  It felt good to know that the husbo wasn’t too pressured to take me out to fancy restaurants.  It’s nice eating at fancy restos sometimes, but I treasure the simplicity we usually take on when we go out on a date.

I know, to each his own, but I just wanted to let you all see that you don’t need to go out to a fancy date to enjoy each other.  A simple date will do.  What’s important is you are together, you are talking and you are having fun. 🙂


19 Jan

Each one of us has gone through (or are going through) a season of sadness where our hearts are broken and we feel like happiness can never be ours again.

There are many types and I couldn’t really dish out some advice on how to get over it.  Each situation is different.  Each pain unique.  But I’d like to share about a heartbreak I recently went through.  I pray that you be blessed as you read this. Continue reading

Priceless Minutes

13 Jan

“This is my beloved and this is my friend.” – Song of Solomon 5:16 (NIV)

One of the things I promised myself this 2011 was that I will consciously make more time with the husband. It’s not easy considering our out of whack work schedules but it can be done.

This week has been good so far. I made it a point to wait for his arrival before I leave for work so we can have dinner together and talk about our day. Of course when the husbo reads this, he would argue that I do all the talking. 😛

That time is non negotiable now. No amount of urgent work related matter can make me sacrifice these few minutes. Continue reading

Remain the Best of Friends – Even When You’re Married!

11 Jan

One of the things I love about our marriage is the comfortable conversations we have.  Jasper (the husbo) and I don’t see each other often because of our different work schedules – he works mornings, I work in the evenings, but when we do get to see each other, we talk like there’s no tomorrow.

I am often asked how we do it.  How we can be the best of friends even when we seem to be out of sync – schedule wise.  Here are a couple of ideas why I think we remain the best of friends against all odds (are you singing now? LOL!).  These are NOT perfect answers or relationship how-to’s but I hope these inspire you somewhat. Continue reading