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Run United 2011 – The First Leg

29 Jan

The husbo and I are excited! We just found out that details of the first leg of Run United 2011 has been released!  One of my running goals is to finish a 5k run and this is my chance!  The husbo being the sweet person he is, told me he would run 5k in this even as well to keep pace with me.  Awww.  Anyway, here are the details:

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Run Baby, Run!

16 Jan

Okay, it’s late Sunday and I am still writing this on a piece of paper. Still no internet time for me .  The husbo went out for a bit to buy snacks so I have a few minutes to jot things down. 🙂

I am ecstatic today.  I was able to finish one of my running goals for the year – continuously run the entire length of the UP Academic Oval – that’s about 2.24km – give or take.  That’s half a 5k already!!! Continue reading