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16 Feb

Testing this wordpress app. Wifey is still sick.



25 Jan

Hello all! I am peeking in to say “Hi!:  I  couldn’t get a chance to go online the past few days because of something important.  I have all my blog posts on a word document and I will post them as soon as I get the chance to go online again.

I pray for blessings of a thousandfold to you and your family! 🙂

How Did You Greet 2011?

2 Jan

Happy 2011 everyone!

The husbo and I spent time with my side of the family.  It was no grand celebration, just me and my younger sister creating fruit salad and Tiramisu for the night festivities while my brothers and the husbo played some games on the PlayStation.  We missed cooking with our mom though because she was down with the flu 😦  But the salad and the Tiramisu turned out great hehe. I guess our mom taught us well. 😉

Around 11:30 PM of Dec 31, 2010, We all had some sparkling drinks on flute glasses while my dad had red wine on his macho wine glass. We were giving him a flute glass but he declined saying those glasses were for sissies. LOL! My Dad can be funny sometimes.  So there we all were, chatting, eating and laughing as January 1, 2011 rolled in.

By the afternoon of January 1st, the husbo and I went over to Oli and Rache’s lovely home as we always do every year.  They are our cherished friends and we are blessed to have them!  We don’t see each other much throughout the year but whenever we do, we always fall back to the same comfortable conversations, laughter and camaraderie.  A true testament of how true friendship never changes.

It is always heartwarming to spend time with family and friends.  It is my choice of celebration any day, any time!

From our hearts to yours, here’s wishing all of you a great 2011! May good health, love and prosperity be yours! God bless you all!


The Wifey is Sick

2 Dec

Sneezing. Coughing. Teary-eyed. That’s what I am. I’ll be back soon I promise. I have lots to share. 🙂

Back from Hiatus

16 Nov

The Wifey is back!  I am just tying up some loose ends, I will get back to regular programming very soon.  On my next post, I’ll tell you all about our trip to the North and The husbo’s simple and yet fun birthday lunch suprise.

Meantime, I need to get back to the mountain of laundry waiting for me. 😉