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Love Life

31 Jan

Join us at a Victory Center near you!

We are ushering the love month in with a special treat for you!  Learn the kind of love that fulfills and satisfies!  Join us as we talk and learn about the most talked about topic in the world: “Love

This February, Victory brings you a new series entitled:  “Love Life.”  This series will help you gain the right perspective on love, sex, and marriage founded on God’s Word, and develop godly convictions that would result in a life that pleases God.

The topics are:

  • Week One: Love
  • Week Two: Marriage
  • Week Three: Sex

Join us at a Victory Center near you!  You may check out the Victory location maps here.  See you at our services and God bless you!

The Waiting.

26 Jan

My travel time going to work is about an hour and a half.  This involves riding a bus for a 30 minute travel and walking for about 1km (each way or to and from work) because there are no public utility vehicles passing by our office area.  I do this 5 days a week, to and from work.

I used to complain a lot about my travel time.  I complain about the undisciplined bus drivers who wait for traffic lights to turn red so they can have more passengers.  I rant about the horrendous traffic on EDSA. And I abhorred the long walks. And then I realized I was impatient because while traveling, I’ve got nothing better to do.

Have you been in this situation?  I think most of us have been in a similar spot.  We have, in our day to day journey, experienced waiting and getting impatient. Long lines in ATMs or banks.  Horrible traffic.  Waiting for someone or a package to arrive.  We get impatient.  And why is that?  Why do we feel frustrated? Continue reading

Keeping Up in High Heels

22 Jan

I just got home from BGC and I am physically tired.  I got tired from all the walking and the commute.  But it was all worth it, “Keeping Up in High Heels” by LIFEbiz was awesome!

There were 3 guest speakers.  The first to speak was Donita RoseContinue reading

God Uses Disappointments Too!

20 Jan

This is actually connected to my previous post and I’d like to share this for those who are discouraged and disappointed.

Remember I was talking about listening to podcasts during the season I recently went through?  A particular podcast by Joel Osteen ministered to me.  The title of the podcast is: “Your Life is Divinely Orchestrated”

This is no paid post – I assure you!  I just want to encourage you to download and listen to the entire podcast.  I also want to share some excerpts that really ministered to me:  Continue reading


19 Jan

Each one of us has gone through (or are going through) a season of sadness where our hearts are broken and we feel like happiness can never be ours again.

There are many types and I couldn’t really dish out some advice on how to get over it.  Each situation is different.  Each pain unique.  But I’d like to share about a heartbreak I recently went through.  I pray that you be blessed as you read this. Continue reading

In His Image

14 Jan

I was doing my daily Bible reading today and was struck by this verse:

“So God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created them, male and female He created them.” –Genesis 1:27

I’ve read this verse so many times before but it is only now that it struck me like this.  You see, just the other day, I saw some kids on the street jokingly calling another kid: “pangit (ugly)” and it got me thinking, since God created us in His image, isn’t calling others “ugly” an insult to our maker?  And doesn’t it mean that when we call others “ugly”, we are calling ourselves “ugly” too because we have the same maker? Continue reading

See God in the Small Things

12 Jan

Promised Provisions by James Ramos

Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? – Matthew 6:26 (NIV)

I passed by the bakery just when it opened.  I thought of buying pan de sal for the house since I was able to save a few pesos from my daily budget.  “This way, mommy (my MIL) won’t have to go out later to buy. She can have a few more minutes of sleep.”

When I got home, David, our cousin saw me.  He suddenly said: “Ate Ny, I am cooking breakfast (Yakisoba), I have a few extra, I’ll cook them for you also.”  Of course I said “Yes, thank you!”  That was food! Manna from heaven! You just don’t go around saying no. Hahaha!

Kidding aside, I did say yes and thanked David for his generosity.  It didn’t even hit me until that point that I was hungry!  Instantly, I was reminded of how God takes care of us even in the small things.   God in His goodness and faithfulness touched someone to prepare breakfast for me.

David and the Yakisoba were heaven sent! Not only was my tummy filled, but the husbo got his share and there was more of it for our parents even if we had our fill! Awesome GOD!!! Oh do you know what’s more amazing?  God provided for David as well, several projects landed on David’s lap that day! AMAZING! God’s biblical principle of sowing and reaping in effect here!  Praise God!

Too often, we are only on the lookout for the bigger things – the grandest blessing that we forget to see God in the small day to day activities. And while being expectant of the bigger and grander blessing show awesome faith, let’s take time to slow down and thank God as He takes care of our every need, every single moment of every day.

Find God in the smallest of things in your day to day walk and you’ll never miss Him in the big things!