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The Simple Things Just Are – A Celebration of Our 6th

27 Dec

“The simplest things are often the truest.” – Richard Bach

If you ask about our relationship, our marriage and ourselves as a whole, I would probably describe them in one word: “simple.”  The husbo and I, we are not comfortable with all the grandeur, the excess and the complicated things in life.  We have always been happy with what’s simple.  Thus it’s no surprise that we celebrated our 6th with a simple date. Continue reading

Ilocos Empanda Invades Quezon City

5 Dec

Having recently been from the North and acquiring a taste of the famous Ilocos Empanada,  it is no wonder that a couple of weeks of being back here in Manila, our tastebuds were searching for that yummy treat.  Our search led us to Empanada Nation on Scout Tuazon Street.  Continue reading