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Random Babbles – Blah Day.

10 Dec

The Wifey feels blah today.  Does anyone get those days where you’re just not in the mood for anything?  What do you do?  I am all for positivity, but I think everyone needs at least like a pass for days like these.  I’ve got so many things to do and yet I haven’t got the mood to do ’em. So here I am. Writing some random babbles.

Random Babble Number 1: Weekend was a blast.  Starting with an all day rest Saturday, then finally getting back to running early Sunday.  I was able to run about 2kms non stop.  I know that’s lame but asthmatic that I am, it’s already an achievement.  Headed off to Starbucks after the run for some bonding time with my little sister and then we shopped ’til we dropped at a Bazaar.

Random Babble Number 2: Because I was feeling blah last night, the husbo and I ordered some pizza and mojos from Shakey’s. Comfort food did it’s job for a while. So much for running! 😛

Random Babble Number 3:  I am heading out for work in a bit but I don’t feel like it. 😦

Sorry for the negativity, but I guess it’s just one of those days.  Husbo was supportive all the way which is something I really love about him. I miss him.

Okay I got it out. I hope my next post will be the opposite of this. 🙂