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Merry Christmas!

24 Dec

From our hearts to yours, a blessed Christmas and New year!  The husbo and Wifey will be back to regular programming soon.


A Productive Wifey Day

4 Nov

What a productive wifey day!

  • Prepare husbo’s breakfast – check!
  • Send off husbo to work – check!
  • Do the laundry – check!

I cooked the husbo’s favorite garlic rice today and paired it up with egg and a hotdog.  He finished everything! Yay! After sending him off to work, I did some laundry. We need more clothes for our trip next week. Whew! Doing the laundry always leaves me so tired but am happy.

While doing the laundry though, there were several people who passed by selling stuff. Continue reading

A Rainy Monday

1 Nov

Good morning! I just had a hearty breakfast with the husbo and have just sent him off to work.  I really love being a wife, doing these simple things for my husband really fulfills me.  Of course the hugs and kisses in return doesn’t hurt.  I just wish I could do this every single day. If only I didn’t work nights. Sigh.

It’s rainy outside so I had him bundle up.   Continue reading